Bioplastic planter

bioplastic planters

Studio Bas van der Veer

These Bioplastic Planters contain a young tree or a plant and are made entirely from plastics from renewable resources.

After planting the tree with a Bioplastic Planter, the planter will protect the tree from falling over, but will also start to slowly biodegrade in the soil. This way the planter will return to nature completely, feeding and supporting the tree in the process.

The handles on the planter make transporting and planting the tree really convenient. The long neck doesn’t just protect the tree from falling over, but also from being damaged by animals. While the roots of the tree find their way through the ground, the tree literally feeds on the Bioplastic Planter, while it slowly breaks down.
The Bioplastic Planter is a way to replace traditional plastics with plastics from renewable resources, making use of their biodegradable properties.

This project was nominated for the Rene Smeets Award and the Melkweg Award.

(images: Astrid Zuidema, Danny Kuo)

BioplasticPlanter 02
BioplasticPlanter 04
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BioplasticPlanter HERO

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