Brussels Herbs

brussels herbs

for Elho

Brussels Herbs is a series of herb pots designed for Dutch pottery firm Elho. The designs make it both easy and fun to grow and use fresh herbs in the kitchen or on the dining table. Each Brussels Herbs pot contains a pair of multi-blade scissors that was specifically designed for cutting herbs in small pieces to add flavour to a meal. A double version of the Brussels Herbs was designed to provide room for two different kitchen herbs in one pot.

The Brussels Herbs series was launched in 2011 for garden centres, DIY stores and webshops worldwide. Both the single and the double version come in two different sizes and in several fresh colours.

(images: NoPoint)

BrusselsHerbs 02
BrusselsHerbs 02a
BrusselsHerbs 04
BrusselsHerbs 09
BrusselsHerbs 05

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