eva dining chair

for Pilat&Pilat

EVA is a dining chair by Studio Bas van der Veer, designed for Dutch furniture label Pilat&Pilat. The chair is made from straight solid wood panels, but a combination of curves, angles and facets brings sitting comfort and a very 3-dimensional character to the chair.

Crucial to the production of this chair is the symbiosis of fine traditional craftsmanship on the one hand and the possibilities of modern digital production techniques on the other hand. All parts of this chair were specifically designed to be CNC-milled, but require the hand of the craftsman to achieve strong, lasting wood connections and a smooth finish. EVA comes in several beautiful solid wood types, such as oak, maple and walnut and can also be finished in a stain or lacker in any desired colour. The chair was first presented in early 2014 at Design Post during the IMM in Cologne.

(images: Johan van der Veer, Bas van der Veer, Pilat&Pilat)

Eva 02
Eva 05
Eva 10
Eva 11
Eva 03
Eva 12

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